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NSBT Japan Network for Security and Technology Japan's first portal site for the defense and security business

About NSBT Japan

Connecting Japan and the world through security business.

NSBT Japan is the first portal site in Japan that is dedicated to the defense industry.

Through NSBT Japan Global/International, we aim to expand and develop business networks.

NSBT Japan provides you with the latest domestic and international news, expert opinions, conference and seminar videos, and more. Create the future of the security and safety business with NSBT Japan.

What can you expect from NSBT Japan? SERVICE

The solution to "I can't find what I am looking for!"
No need to access multiple sites or translate them into Japanese!
NSBT Japan provides the latest information all in one source!
By utilizing the corporate database, you can also create new business opportunities.

  • 01 News

    Publishing news articles on the domestic and international security and safety business

    Providing original articles on the latest technologies and topics

    Defense expert opinion pieces

  • 02 Government

    Publishing of bidding and personnel information, etc.

  • 03 Business

    Publishing news articles on the domestic and international security and safety business

  • 04 Events

    Invitations to security and security business related events, professional conferences and seminars

  • 05 Video/audio content

    Video uploads of conferences, seminars, etc.

    Distribution of proprietary video and audio content

  • 06 Corporate Database

    Access to our comprehensive database of companies related to the security and safety business

Focus on Security and Safety CATEGORY

NSBT Japan covers many areas related to the security and security business.
You can browse NSBT Japan's collection of international affairs, defense, and security information that normally doesn't reach Japan.
  • Land
  • Maritime
  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace & Hygiene
  • Cyber
  • Security & Anti-Terrorism
  • Disasters & Lifesaving
  • AI & Robotics
  • Drones & Unmanned Systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Chemical
  • Biological
  • Nuclear, and Radioactive Materials
  • Equipment & Instruments
  • Environment & Climate
  • Training & Education
  • IT & Information
  • Systems
  • Other